Who or what is WvCNL?

Windhondenvereniging Coursing Nienoord Leek

The abbreviation stands for “Windhondenvereniging Coursing Nienoord Leek”, previous WindhondenRenVereniging (WRV) Nienoord te Leek and before that “WRV Martinistad”. Since April 2000 we have adapted our name to our most important activity: coursing.

Association history

The association was founded in 1955 under the name WRV Martinistad. Once there was an emphatic relationship with the city of Groningen, but there was never a race track in that place. After various wanderings, the club moved to Leek in 1965 and our coursing grounds are in the summer months on the ice rink at the Nienoord Estate.

The WvCNL is recognized by “Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied”. From 1980 onwards, we started to focus more and more on coursing and track racing became a background. That is why we changed our name in 2000 and became the first coursing club in the Netherlands. That is also the main reason why we have members throughout the Netherlands, but also in Germany and Belgium.

Register as a member of Windhondenvereniging Coursing Nienoord Leek

You can find all information about membership of the WvCNL here


The board of de Windhondenvereniging Coursing Nienoord Leek consists of 5 members and is composed as of March 17, 2018 as follows:
(You can send an e-mail to the relevant officer by clicking on the link)

Alfred Nijkamp, chairman

Erik Hamelers, secretary

Johan Koppelaar, treasurer

Mario Walter, Commissioner

Ans Fakkert-Magermans, Commissioner

Other functions

Maryana Koppelaar (national Competitions), competition secretariat

Erik Hamelers (international Competitions)competition secretariat

Erik Hamelers, webmaster

Johan Koppelaar, webmaster

Alfred Nijkamp, events

Jan Scheer, trainings

Marco Huisman, material

Ans Fakkert-Magermans, canteen

Jolanda de Roo, sponsoring

Request / renew licenses

For applications and / or renewal of licenses, the required documents (for info see  this page) can be send to:
Mw. Marion Heidekamp, Oogstlaan 1, 9665 AG Oude Pekela
Note that this applies only for members of WvCNL who has WvCNL as a home association.
Zie artikel I.6 en IX.34 van het Nationaal Ren- en Coursingreglement, te vinden op  this page.

Algemene gegevens van WvCNL

Internet:www.wvcnl.nl en www.coursing.nl
Bezoekadres:Nienoord 13-1KAN, 9351 AC Leek
Navigatiegegevens:Schilhoek 2, 9351 AD Leek
Postal address secretariatDe Lagune 6, 3823 TS Amersfoort


The town of Leek is located along the A7 between Groningen and Drachten. From the A7 you take exit 34. In Leek you follow the ANWB signs with Nienoord. On the right-hand side, in the parking lot of Nienoord you will find the entrance to our coursing area.


You cann find all information about camping here.