Trainings 2024

Windhondenvereniging Coursing Nienoord Leek

We regularly organize training during the coursing season.

These training courses are free for WvCNL members. Non-members with (half) greyhounds who want to get acquainted with coursing can train once for free. After that it costs €5.00 per dog, per training day

If you do not have a (half) greyhound and would still like to train with us, this is possible (to a limited extent) for a fee of €5.00 per dog, per training day.

The training sessions start at 10:00 am. The canteen is open from 9:00 am.

In order to take the deployment of employees and catering into account in advance, advance registration via the online registration form is required.

On this form you must also indicate what the training for your dog(s) should look like.

Do you want your dog to walk solo or with another dog? Try to arrange this before the training, so that there is no confusion during the training. You can also indicate whether your dog runs an entire course or part of the course, for example with young or inexperienced dogs.

What does a training day look like?

Based on the registrations, the training coordinator has made a plan for the training. This planning is sent to the training participants by email on the day before the training.

For the rest, training laps are like running a competition, except that a muzzle and coursing pads are not mandatory. For a hare-fast declaration, wearing the red coursing blanket and a muzzle is mandatory. On the training day, each dog can walk twice.

Are you coming for the first time? Feel free to ask one of the WvCNL volunteers to explain. They are happy to guide you!

If you have a question about the training, please contact

You can register for the training courses online here.